Cassandra Briscoe


Cassandra Briscoe

Meet Cass Briscoe, founder of Kali Holistic Healing. Cass is a multi-modality healer who uses energy work, body work, herbs and light touch to create an experience for the mind, body and soul.

Cass is a certified Theta-Healing Practitioner and Instructor. She is also certified at the Advanced Level of Integrated Energy Therapies. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication degree from Ohio University.

Cass is a practiced medium, psychic, and healer for over 7 years. Born intuitive, with a background from India and Africa, Cass specializes in women’s reproductive health.

Cass is beyond excited to be joining the Bluestone Vitality team!


Angelic Reiki

Theta Healing

Spiritual/Psychic Counseling


$150 Angelic Reiki (60 minutes)

$150 Theta Healing (60-75 minutes)

$150 Spiritual/Psychic Counseling (60 minutes)