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Welcome to Bluestone Vitality, where your wellness needs are our top priority!  If you are visiting our website, you may be in need of addiction or mental health services, or perhaps you have a loved one who is in need. Maybe you just want to improve the quality of your relationships or your overall emotional wellness. Maybe you might not yet know what exactly it is you’re looking for, but you know that something is missing in your life.

Let me tell you about us and what we do.  We are a team of providers who are dedicated and passionate about helping our clients heal from past traumas, improve their relationships, and most importantly, find balance and happiness within themselves. We take the time to get to know each client and determine what your goals are, and what we can do to help you achieve them. I strongly believe that every person has the ability to grow, change, and heal. I believe knowing and understanding our personal purpose in life is a vital part of our wellbeing, and we are here to help you discover this purpose.

I wish you well in this journey we call life, and may you find the wellness and happiness that you are seeking, and most importantly, that you deserve.

With Happiness, Love and Gratitude,

Sarah Phoenix (Senita), CNP, Owner

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