Medical Services with the Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Medication Mangement

Addiction Medication Management (opiate blocker and opiate maintenance medications, anticraving medications, alcohol abuse medications)

Lab/Blood Testing (neurotransmitters, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, cholesterol, liver and kidney functioning)

Treatment of Vitamin Deficiencies

Medication Injection Services (intramuscular injections performed in the office for certain medications)

Genetic Testing

In Office Drug Testing (saliva or urine)


$180-$220 Initial evaluation

$140 Follow up 55 minute

$110 Follow up 40 minute

$90 Follow up 20 minute

$20 In office drug testing

$20 Surcharge weekends & holidays

Counseling/Therapy Services

Individual or couples counseling

Trauma specialized counseling

Counseling for depression, anxiety, relationship stressors, addiction issues, etc


$120 Individual or couples counseling for 1 hour 20 minutes

$90 Individual counseling 50 minutes

No charge for in office drug testing

$10 Surcharge weekends & holidays

Holistic Life Coaching Services

Discovering your health and wellness goals

Coaching to help you achieve these goals

Supplement recommendations based on an in depth health analysis and digestive assessment 


$80 Initial assessment - 60-80 minutes

$55 Follow up coaching sessions 50 minutes

$10 Surcharge weekends & holidays

Yoga Services

Private yoga sessions

Great for people brand new to yoga, or have anxiety with group sessions

Bring up to three of your friends or family members to join you 


Private Sessions:

$50 For a 50 minute private session

$10 For each additional person that comes with you (up to 4 people total)

$30 For a 25 minute private session


Small Groups (up to 4 people max):

$20 for 50 minute group session

Meditation Sessions

Guided group sessions

Wednesdays 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm with Chris

Thursdays 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm with Rose

Meditation is a fantastic way to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, enhance self awareness, improve blood pressure, help with pain management and connect spiritually.


$12 Per person

Massage Services

Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point

Massage therapy helps to manage pain, reduce stress & anxiety, improve range of motion & flexibility, and help improve sleep.


$80 for 60 minutes (gratuity included in the price)

If you are accustomed to tipping 15-20%, $80 would be the equivalent of $68 massage with a $12 tip (17.5% gratuity).

Equine Therapy

Coming soon


Coming soon