Why You Should Do Healing Work

The Gifts of Healing Yourself

A lot of times people do not reach out for help unless they are really suffering, experiencing so much pain, that they would do most anything to feel better.  So they take the "shameful" step of "asking for help".  That's usually when we get a phone call to our practice for medication management or therapy.

Western medicine pharmaceuticals can be incredibly helpful in providing a chemical balance to help improve functioning from being paralyzed on the couch, to actually being able to get up and go to work on a daily basis.  But if we are being really honest with ourself, usually there's still something missing.

Let's say you decided to go the therapy route instead of medications.  You feel better after your therapy sessions.  You've had someone actually actively listen to you for at least 50 minutes (who else does this in your life other than your therapist?)  You just had another human being validate your concerns, when your loved ones are invalidating them.  Your therapist started to teach you coping mechanisms no one has ever taught you (why for the love of everything Holy do we not provide this in our education systems??).  You started to learn how to set boundaries with your loved ones (ouch, everyone felt the sting of that one!).  And you do feel better, but again, if we are being really, really honest with ourselves, something is still missing.

That's why I have found ways to do what I call "Root Origin Healing."  After years of psychotherapy and medications, I felt better, but I kept looping on the same issues.  That's because the Root Origin of my wounds were not actually healed.  I started doing Transformational Breathwork with Christian de la Huerta, and my spirituality and overall healing started transforming and speeding up the process.  Old wounds started disappearing.  My spiritual evolution started to speed up. (Breathwork is a form of energetic healing like Reiki and Multidimensional Healing).  Then I started seeing Reiki practitioners and Psychic Mediums to do healing work.  This sped things up even faster, because the healing work can be so powerful.  I found out that yoga also provides energetic releases with the different positions you hold when working with the Breath, and that became a loving, healing self care routine for myself.

When you do healing work, this not only helps make your life incredibly more happy, joyful, playful and abundant, but you are helping elevate the consciousness of our species, and helping us as a collective evolve in a much healthier, more abundant way that will help our species start to move in a direction that saves the planet, instead of killing it.  The individual work you do, also affects the future generations of your direct bloodline.  We have found that trauma effects our DNA, and healing it does the same.

How to do Root Origin Healing on Your Own

I'm here to give you free information.  You don't have to pay one of our highly skilled providers to help you with your healing work.  You can actually do most all fo this work for free.  However it will take time, mental energy, dedication and determination.

Ways to heal yourself:
Truly authentic journal entries where you pour your heart out, you process emotions, you cry, you grieve, you forgive.  (To make the writing REALLY authentic I recommend destroying the journal entry afterwards.  If you know that no one will ever read it, you will write it most truthfully.)
Prayer and Meditation.  In Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert describes prayer as the act of speaking to God/Source, and Meditation the act of listening.  We need to make sure we are listening, we will be given the answers to our problems; and we need to be praying for the change we want to and will see in ourselves (we can only manifest for ourselves, not others, however you CAN ask for universe support in helping a loved one heal).
Manifestations & Positive Affirmations.  It was only recently that I really started to understand the power of what we think, actually becoming a reality we create.  Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek really opened my eyes up to this.  This is probably one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.  Everyday repeat mantras, affirmations or realities you want to be truth until it is manifested.  "I am healed of all my old emotional wounds. I have financial abundance.  I am highly creative."  The list goes on and on of the amazing reality you can create for yourself.

The list also goes on and on of things you can do to heal yourself. Google, any spiritual or self help book will give you ways, there are infinite different ways to heal yourself, the choice truly is yours to decide.  You are the creator of your own life.

With Happiness, Love and Gratitude,
Sarah Phoenix (Senita)