Sarah Phoenix (Senita)


Sarah Senita, PMHNP-BC, CNP, RN, MSN

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Senita is a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and owner of Bluestone Vitality, LLC.  She started working at The Ohio State University Medical Center as a nurses aide at 19 years old while she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in June of 2006.  She passed her Registered Nursing licensure exam that same month, and then started working in the Cardiac ICU at The Ohio State University Medical Center.  She started her Master of Science in Nursing, and quickly realized that she was much more passionate about psychiatric nursing than cardiac, and she changed her graduate studies to psychiatric nursing.  She graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing June 2010, also from The Ohio State University. She became a Certified Nurse Practitioner in the State of Ohio September 2010.  There is only one Outstanding Student Award in Psychiatric Nursing that is given out in graduation per class, and she was awarded this in both her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees.

Her first nurse practitioner job was at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio where she worked in a large psychiatry department treating rather significantly mentally ill clients from the surrounding communities.  Sarah kept in touch with a psychiatrist that she did a clinical rotation with during her graduate degree, and that psychiatrist ended up recruiting Sarah to move back to Columbus and work with her managing the detox unit at Ohio State’s Talbot Hall.  Later, Sarah was recruited to work in a private psychiatric hospital doing private practice.  She became a contractor through Dublin Springs Hospital, and November 2012 she created Bluestone Vitality, LLC.  November of 2012 Sarah also obtained her Certified Addictions Registered Nurse Advanced Practice (CARN-AP) Certification. Since then, Bluestone Vitality has grown into a team of providers who are just as passionate about treating mental wellness issues in clients as she is.

“I strongly believe that every person has the ability to grow, change and heal. I use medications as a foundation to help chemically balance clients, and then we use therapy to help elevate wellness within relationships to others and self. But it is the spiritual therapy and work that brings the highest levels of wellness and transcendence.” Sarah will begin her apprenticeship with Christian de la Huerta to become a transformational breathwork practitioner in the Fall of 2021. It takes 1-2 years to complete the apprenticeship. Sarah has participated in several transformational breathwork sessions with Christian, and reports rapid healing and spiritual growth with each session.

Spiritual Affirmation: “Awaken your courage, and transcend your wellness.” Sarah considers herself spiritual, without any religious affiliation. Sarah uses Buddhist principles in session. She will perform meditation sessions with clients upon request.

Medication & Therapy Services


Psychiatric Medication Mangement

Addiction Medication Management (opiate blocker and opiate maintenance medications, anticraving medications, alcohol abuse medications)

Lab/Blood Testing (neurotransmitters, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, cholesterol, liver and kidney functioning)

Treatment of Vitamin Deficiencies

Medication Injection Services (intramuscular injections performed in the office for certain medications)

Genetic Testing

In Office Drug Testing (saliva or urine)

Individual or couples counseling

Counseling for depression, anxiety, relationship stressors, addiction issues, etc

Group Therapy


$220 Initial evaluation 60-70 minutes

$180 Follow up 55 minutes

$140 Follow up 40 minutes

$100 Follow up 25 minutes

$25 In office drug testing

$25 Injection procedure

$70 Group therapy 90 minutes (6 clients max)