Reiki Services

Reiki is rooted in Japanese culture, dating back to the early 20th century, as an Eastern healing technique. “Rei” meaning soul/spirit/divine and “Ki” meaning life force energy. Reiki signifies a vital, life sustaining energy believed to flow throughout the human body and all living things through a network of fine subtle channels (meridians) and the energy field (aura) around the outside of the body. As a holistic healing process, Reiki can benefit anyone. Reiki is used for, but not limited to the following: facilitating healing, promoting deep relaxation and pain management, strengthening immune system, improving quality of sleep, easing muscle tension, anxiety, and stress and energizing and balancing the whole person - body, mind, soul, and spirit.

What does a Reiki session look like?

To receive Reiki, you must simply be open to the healing modality. The individual is encouraged to find a comfortable seat upright or laying down. Individuals are encouraged to move/talk throughout the session as they feel necessary, and/or can be silent, in a meditative state for the entire session. Depending on the preference of the individual, Reiki can be received through a hands-on or off technique. The practitioner has been attuned, working as a channel of the divine for this energy to flow through the individual’s energy centres (chakras) supporting an overall sense of well-being and affirming trust in the physical body’s own healing abilities.

~ Caitlynn Fortson ~